Heritage Hone & Gage, Inc.


A majority of our work is I.D honing; however, we also provide I.D./O.D. lapping. We Primarily use this service in the match fitting of matting details with clearances of a tenth or less or in parts with bore configurations prone to wash out or with extremely tight geometry tolerances. With over 30 years experience we have honed and lapped some of the most unique bore configurations & material out there. Some of our customer’s parts have complex & extremely precision surfaces and are finished parts. We design & manufacture fixtures to properly hold these parts for the honing & lapping operations to prevent any harm. We are trusted and have an excellent reputation for quality & the handling of customer’s parts.


Specializing in Bore Sizes .060-15.00" up to 20 feet in length.


From thousands down to millionths*Micro finishes down to 2 micro and 

plateau finishes as well


Aluminum, cast iron, ceramic, hard chrome carbide, bronze brass copper, tool steels, Inconel, titanium, and many more


Established and Trusted since 1995

Bore Configuration

Small, Tandem, Long, Thin Wall, Short, Blind, Odd Shaped Bores with key Ways, Splines, Lands, Ports or Slots

Stock Removal

From removing a few tenths in order to improve surface finish 

or to loosen the fit on a mating detail to eliminating grinding or boring operations, we can remove a vast range of material.