Heritage Hone & Gage, Inc.


Our motto here at Heritage Hone & Gage is, you're only as good as your gages. This is why we have invested so extensively in our gaging. Below you will find a list of some of our gages.


(2) precision height comparators

(1) federal series 136B Master Ring and Disc comparator

Surface Roughness Gages

 (1) Sunnen Surface Roughness Gage

 (1) Mitutoyo Surface Roughness Gage


Established and Trusted since 1995

Circular Geometry Gaging

(1) federal form scan model 6100 circular geometry gage

Bore Gage

(20) Sunnen  Gages (.054”-20.0) Up to 72” in length

(2) Diatest Probe Bore Gage (.054”-.535”)

(4) Mitutoyo Up to 48” in length



(1)  Dearborn Gage Co. Gage Blocks square chrome/steel 81 piece 

(1) Dearborn Gage Co. Gage Blocks square chrome/steel large block set 5"-20"

(1) Dearborn Gage Co. Gage Blocks rectangular chrome square 81 piece 

(1) Mitutoyo Gage Block square ceramic 81 piece 

Air Gages

(2) FEDERAL DImensionair Gages

(3) Airgage Co. Air toElectornic Gages

Vast Array of Ring and Spindle Sets in through Hole and Blind Hole Configurations in Fractional, Metric, and Odd Sizes to Support Air Gages